Terms and Conditions

1) Definitions.
a) Under these terms and conditions:
“Automatic Sequence” means the ability of TronipayCard’s computer system to sequentially attempt to debit the required funds from each of the Bank Accounts to cover the total cost owed by the Owner resulting from an Operating Instruction.
“ATM” refers to an automatic teller machine connected to the Tronipay network, China UnionPay.
“TronipayCard” or “Tronipay” means Tronipay Payments S / A or a company of its Group.
“Tronipay Account” means, in respect of a Card Holder, any account held by Tronipay that the Card Holder is authorized to use, in respect of which Card Holder has requested TronipayCard to activate withdrawal orders through Operating Instructions and Bank Accounts means all these accounts;
“Business Day” means a day when the banks are open.
“Card” means a China UnionPay debit, credit or prepaid card issued by Tronipay upon request and on behalf of the Card Holder.
“Holder” means the person to whom a Card has been issued, whose name appears on the Card and who has the right to move the TronipayCard Account.
“China UnionPay Network” means the electronic network operated by China UnionPay and linked to Tronipay;
“Merchant” means any merchant authorized to accept a Card presented by a Card Holder as a method of payment for goods or services through the China UnionPay network.
“PIN” means, in relation to a Card Holder, the confidential personal identification number whose introduction is required in a Terminal to validate, authorize and give effectiveness to an Operating Instruction.
“POS” means a point-of-sale terminal placed at the premises of a Merchant for the Issuers to issue Operating Instructions;
“Primary Account” means the Account designated as such by the Holder;
“Terminal” means any ATM or POS connected to the Tronipay network, China UnionPay and through which an Operational Instruction may be issued.
“Operation Instruction” means an instruction originating from a Terminal and triggered by the use of a Card;
2) A Card Holder must open and maintain at least one TronipayCard Account, US Dollars, in order to be eligible to apply for and use a Card; the Card Holder must always ensure that the TronipayCard Accounts have sufficient funds to cover the Operating Instructions;
TronipayCard will not accept Operating Instructions if there are insufficient funds available to cover the costs of Operating Instructions in accordance with Clause 4.
3) A Card may only be used to issue Operating Instructions for the following purposes:
a) purchase of goods and services from Traders, up to a daily limit defined periodically by TronipayCard; all withdrawals will be debited in the respective TronipayCard Account at the exchange rate (if applicable) periodically defined by Tronipay;
b) to deposit, withdraw or transfer funds using a designated ATM and to withdraw or transfer funds through an ATM other than ATM within or outside the country of origin, subject to availability, applicable laws, currency exchange rates and fees and charges due according to the availability of each country;
c) – If an Operating Instruction is issued in a different country from the cardholder or locally, TronipayCard will first try to debit the necessary funds from the TronipayCard Account denominated in US Dollars; if there is no account of this nature, or if the respective account is not provided with sufficient funds to fully cover the cost of the Operating Instruction, in the absence of funds, the Operating Instruction will be rejected;
4) Account balances queries executed at an ATM will display only the balance of the TronipayCard Account;
5) The Cards remain at all times owned by TronipayCard and must be delivered to TronipayCard upon request if any of the following occur:
a) the Card is used in a way that violates, or the Card Holder itself violates these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law or regulation;
b) TronipayCard determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the Card must be replaced by a similar Card or another card;
c) TronipayCard cancels, in its sole and absolute discretion, a Card in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
d) the Card Holder informs TronipayCard of its intention to suspend or cancel the Card;
e) if TronipayCard receives an order to cancel the Card, issued by a duly constituted regulatory authority or entity; or f) when determined by law, by regulation or by the content of these Terms and Conditions.
6) The Card is non-transferable and may not be used by any person other than the Card Holder;
7) The Card can not be pledged as collateral;
8) TronipayCard will issue a PIN to each Cardholder to be entered into a POS or ATM by the Card Holder when issuing an Operating Instruction; the Holder is fully and exclusively responsible for ensuring the security and confidentiality of the PIN, to maintain its confidentiality and not allow its use by persons other than the Holder; the Card Holder shall indemnify and hold TronipayCard harmless against any loss and damage claimed, incurred or suffered by TronipayCard as a result of the use of the PIN.
9) The Card Holder must immediately notify TronipayCard via email: [email protected] in the event that a Card and / or PIN is lost, stolen or the Card Holder is aware of unauthorized or fraudulent use. All verbal notifications must be immediately confirmed to the Bank in writing; the Holder will continue to have full responsibility for any Operating Instructions issued before TronipayCard receives written notice of such loss, theft, disclosure or fraudulent use; TronipayCard will not be liable for any losses directly or indirectly resulting from any incorrect or incomplete notification by the Card Holder; a Card and / or PIN given as lost, stolen or used fraudulently will be deactivated, being a new Card issued by TronipayCard at the expense of the Holder; TronipayCard also reserves the right to replace a disabled Card at the Cardholder’s expense regardless of whether or not it has received written confirmation of the verbal notification of loss, theft or fraudulent use of the Card and / or PIN.
10) TronipayCard reserves the right to cancel a Card at any time without notice, without the need to justify and without incurring any liability with respect to the Card Holder; 11) Except in case of prior agreement with TronipayCard, a Card does not entitle the Card Holder to use the Card on a current account basis.
12) The Card Holder may not use a Card to obtain money from a Merchant, except in the case of refund for excess collection or refund for return of goods, and in the event that such delivery of money complies with Merchant’s internal policies concerning the management of excessive charges and reimbursements;
13) TronipayCard makes no warranties or assumes any liability for goods or services acquired through the use of a Card. All claims and claims for reimbursement relating to such goods or services must be settled directly between the Contractor and the Merchant;
14) Except in the event of a manifest error, TronipayCard records shall be considered in all respects as final and conclusive proof of Operating Instructions,
15) By using a Card, the Card Holder acknowledges and accepts that, except as required by law, TronipayCard assumes no liability for any loss or damage resulting from or resulting directly or indirectly from hardware or software malfunctions, failures or interruptions partial or total operation of the TronipayCard network, China UnionPay or any Terminal or Terminals; the Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that TronipayCard does not guarantee in any way that the China UnionPay network or certain Terminal or Terminals will always be available at all times to receive Operating Instructions.
16) The Holder must notify the beneficiary of any transfer of funds; TronipayCard will not issue any notification in this regard;
17) In the event that a withdrawal or transfer leaves the TronipayCard account uncovered, or when such overdraft increases, the Card Holder will be responsible for payment of the balance of the debit in accordance with the terms governing that TronipayCard account uncovered, being interest at the applicable rate.
18) Activation of ATM Cash Lifting Service Abroad
TronipayCard reserves the right to change the amounts and types of fees or charges charged for the use of the services provided under these Terms and Conditions. Fees and fees are non-refundable. The annual fee is non-refundable except for any cancellation or early termination of a Card.
Any changes made to commissions or fees will take effect immediately after they are available or posted on TronipayCard’s www.tronipaycard.com website and TronipayCard will charge any commissions or fees that may periodically apply to the TronipayCard Accounts when due and due.
19) TronipayCard shall not be liable for any losses or claims resulting from incorrect Operating Instructions, technical delays, transmission errors, ATM breakdowns or any unforeseeable or unforeseen circumstances affecting or resulting from the use of the Card;
20) The Card Holder may at any time cancel a Card by returning it to TronipayCard;
21) The Holder hereby consents to the disclosure by TronipayCard of his personal and banking information, or records, to a third party or authority as TronipayCard deems necessary or appropriate, in order to ensure: (a) the provision of the services provided through the Card, (b) as required by law, regulations or by any competent authority and (c) for marketing, accounting, insurance or any similar purpose. The Cardholder acknowledges and accepts that TronipayCard transmits this information to entities outside its country of origin;
22) By accepting the delivery of a Card and using it, the Card Holder agrees and agrees to assume full and exclusive responsibility for any such use, and the Card Holder authorizes TronipayCard to debit the TronipayCard Accounts any and all amounts in payment to TronipayCard or any other entity resulting from such acceptance and use; the Holder must ensure that all applicable TronipayCard Accounts have sufficient balance to cover the costs inherent to the Transaction Instructions issued; the Bank reserves the right to refuse to execute an Operating Instruction whenever a Relevant TronipayCard Account does not have sufficient funds to cover the debts resulting from this Operating Instruction added to any applicable fees;
23) Upon receipt of the Card (or Cards) and PIN (s), the Card Holder signs a receipt acknowledging receipt of the Card (s). The signature of this document by the Holder means that the Holder has read, fully understood and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions that TronipayCard issues from time to time; 24) These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time and from time to time, by notifying TronipayCard to the Card Holder. Any changes will be considered effective and binding with respect to the Holder, with or without declaration, immediately after its issuance;
25) These Terms and Conditions are written in English. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the English language version shall prevail.
26) These Terms and Conditions are written and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.