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Tronipay Payments S/A is a company that since 2014 has been creating payments solutions. Our thousands of customers make us work with love for your business and still create technological innovations to facilitate the means of payment for your company. Payments in online casinos, including transactions related to 슬롯게임, are streamlined and secure. Players can choose from various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. Encryption technology ensures the safety of financial information, while fast withdrawal processing enhances the overall gaming experience for players worldwide.

Payments Solutions

Accept the tronipay cards in your business.

White Label

A platform designed to mark your company.

Top Profits

With our card you can increase your profits and even more.

Fees Tronipay Card

ATM Withdraw:  $2,00
Card Replacement:  $20,00
Load:  $ 0
Purchase POS:  $0,75
Shipping FEDEX/DHL  $79,00

Conventional Shipping


Tronipay Card – UnionPay!

UnionPay is the largest card network in the world with more than 6 billion cards issued. We are a flexible company that suits your business. Our cards can be issued to all the world, where we can leave cards with the face of your business. Cards with even higher limits, where you can withdraw at ATM or make purchases in the commerce worldwide.
Tronipay Cards can be reloaded from various payment methods such as: Boleto, Debit and Credit Cards, Wire Transfer or Cryptocurrency. Crypto trading is one of the best options to earn cryptocurrencies. Traders may check the bitcoin trader erfahrungen blog to automate their trading for more efficiency.
You can still withdraw to a bank account from anywhere in the world.
We have special programs for companies.
Payment Methods
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New Tronipay (TRP) Available in Various Exchanges!
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Check out our services below.

Debit or Prepaid Cards

We provide Prepaid or Debit Cards for your company to pay employees, affiliates and more.

White Label

We are able to develop our cards as the face of your company.

Total Control

A platform where you have complete control of the cards issued to your customers.

Maximize Your Income

Get bigger profits by saving with our cards, we have the best rates in the market.

A Global Card

With our Cards you do not have to worry about Cross-Border, you can withdraw at ATM, buy from commerce or the Internet around the world.

Real Time Shopping

In addition to the transactions with our cards being faster and safer, you can still integrate our API to accept our cards in your business.

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DO you still have Doubts?
Best Rates

The best rates in the world market.

Global Cards

A global card for all countries.

Cards and Platform White Label

All system and custom cards with your business.

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